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Water Leak Detection Melbourne Fl

Water leaks can be obvious when you notice your wood floors buckling, drywall crumbling, or paint bubbling, but not all leaks are created equal. Oftentimes, homeowners will see their water bill climbing each month without using extra water. These leaks are subtle and harder to find.

Our experienced plumbers will do in depth troubleshooting to determine your problem. Their knowledge and experience will determine whether or not you have a leak, and where it is. The ringing of the pipes in the walls can be very deceiving. The clues can be tricky and require a trained plumber to determine where the actual leak is located. If the water meter is spinning while no water is being used anywhere, there is a hidden leak.

Our leak detection equipment helps us pinpoint the precise location, because it is important to us to have minimal collateral damage.

Leak Repair

As some leaks will be found in the walls, we will cut a hole in the drywall to expose the leak and make the fix. We always do our best to make careful and clean cuts. Leaks that are determined to be under the slab will require our plumbers to jackhammer through the concrete floor to expose the pipe. We will make the effort to cause as little damage as possible when making the access point.

After repairs have been made and tested, we will backfill and patch the floor with approx. 4″ of concrete. It is very important to resolve a slab leak as quickly as possible. Remember, pressure leaks just get bigger, and the bigger the leak gets, the faster it gets bigger. They can push up and flood a house quickly if not taken care of.

Another common problem are leaks at the meter. Have you ever seen your water meter filled with water? This can be normal in the rainy season in Florida but it also could be a leak. Oftentimes, the lawn care company run over your meter box, putting a ton of pressure on the connections. Our experienced plumbers know how to troubleshoot your leak, find it and make the repair.

Remember, a leak on your side of the meter is the homeowner’s responsibility!  Contact Us to book an appointment!

Water Leak Detection Melbourne Fl
Water Leak Detection Melbourne Fl

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