Space Coast Plumbing

There are a lot of options when you search online for “Space Coast Plumbing”.  Read on to learn how to sort through the companies and how to make the right choice!

Space Coast Plumbing

The Space Coast is an amazing place to live.  We have breathtaking nature such as the Indian River Lagoon, the 17 miles of pristine beaches, and countless wildlife preserves.  We’re also at the center of technology in the country, having the second highest concentration of tech companies after Silicon Valley.  The area is growing with new homes and apartments being built everyday, and new people are moving to the area by the thousands.  So how do residents know who to turn to when they have a plumbing issue.  Simply searching online for “Space Coast Plumbing” yields a huge number of results.  Read on to learn what to consider when searching for a plumber.

Reviews Matter

An easy way to see how reputable a plumbing company may is by checking their Google and Facebook reviews.  Honest feedback from customers is important, and a good company will want these reviews to appear.  Look for companies that have at least 10 reviews or more, this way you know you are seeing an accurate representation of their work. 

Other review sites may also be good to check when looking for a plumber on the Space Coast.  Angie’s list is a good resource, and even Yelp can provide some insight.  There may not be as many reviews there, but it is worth checking.

Space Coast Plumbing

Space Coast Plumbing - General Customer Service

Customer service is important for any company you want to work with.  A great way to gauge the level of customer  service a company provides is to simply call them.  Keep in mind, many service related companies may not be able to answer right away as they are on a job site.  But, do they call you back quickly.  When you do speak with them on the phone, do they listen well, and answer your questions?  By having just a short conversation with people you can learn a lot, and determine if they are the right fit for you.

Check Licensing and Insurance

It’s important to verify the company you want to work with has the proper licensing and insurance levels. As a homeowner, you need to make sure you are covered if anything goes wrong in during a repair. Take the time to check and make sure licenses are valid, and the company carries the right levels of insurance. Amateur plumbers may be less expensive, though you are risking a lot more in the long run to save a few dollars.

Space Coast Plumbing - Look at the Brand

A great way to pick companies you may want to work with, especially in the service industries, is to make note when you see them around town.  Even though you may not need their service at the time, pay attention to the companies you see.  Do they have nice, well maintained service vehicles?  Are you seeing them in several parts of the Space Coast?  Do they have well groomed workers?  The best time to find a plumber is before you need one.  

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