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Toilet Repair

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Plumbers in Brevard Country Florida

There are a lot of options for plumbers in Brevard County Florida.  With something as simple a toilet that needs repair, how do you choose a company to go with?  No matter what the job is, large or small, Shaw Plumbing is committed to ensuring you are satisfied with the repair.  Even something as simple a running toilet can have serious implications if not addressed properly.  We are here to help.

A running and leaky toilet may seem minor, but in fact it can have more serious consequences.  This is especially true for Brevard County residents who live in multi unit homes, such as condos.  If you have a second floor condo, and you toilet is slowly leaking into the unit below you, it could cause thousands of dollars of damage you will be responsible for.  Proper installation and repair of toilets is crucial to prevent this from occurring. 

Toilet Installation

Toilets have evolved over the years. Some are more complex than others, but our plumbers have seen and installed most. If you’re looking to update the look of your bathroom, a new toilet can make quite the difference and the varieties are limitless to fit your style. Our plumbers will make the measurements, pull your old toilet, check and clean your existing flange, replace it if necessary, and place a brand new wax ring seal to reset your new toilet. We pay attention to small details and will make sure it sits solid and level. 

The toilet is grouted to tile floors, or caulked to wooden floors, for a clean, finished look. After repairs have been made and tested, we will backfill and patch the floor with approx. 4″ of concrete. It is very important to resolve a slab leak as quickly as possible. Remember, pressure leaks just get bigger, and the bigger the leak gets, the faster it gets bigger. They can push up and flood a house quickly if not taken care of.  This is why it is important to pick the best plumbers in Brevard County Florida to install your toilets, Shaw Plumbing!

Toilet Repair

If not functioning properly toilets can cause more problems than just water damage. Without a proper seal, sewer gases can escape from the bottom of the toilet causing bad odor, in which case it would need to be pulled and reset.

Also, if you ever notice your toilet running without being in use, you probably need a new flapper. Your water bill will increase without you knowing why. There are a couple of other things it could be, but our plumbers will make sure your toilet functions properly: giving you a proper flush, efficiently using your water, and making sure there are no leaks. Note: The chlorine in our water causes rubber parts, like flappers, to warp, and plastic parts to become brittle and in need of replacement, so that goes for chlorine tabs as well.

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