Why is My Water Brown
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Plumber Melbourne Fl

Imagine you wake up in the morning to start your day and you turn your shower only only for it to spew out unsightly brown water. Talk about concerning!

Brown water is not something to ignore, and knowing the root of the problem can help you solve it. This is a serious issue and you should not trust a simple Google search for “Plumber Melbourne Fl” to find someone to help.

Shaw Plumbing is the most trusted on the Space Coast and can help you determine why you have brown water. These are some of the common reasons your water may be brown.

Old Pipes

Especially if you have a historic or older home, your plumbing pipes may be made from iron. As water flows through the pipes, it can corrode them and allow the metal sediments to flow out through your faucets and into your home.  

If you’re unsure of what material your pipes are made of, you should have them professionally inspected. If your plumber finds that they’re corroded, you should have them replaced.


If your water comes from a well system, it can very easily pick up dirt, minerals, and other contaminants as it flows through the ground. While your water supply company should be able to filter those contaminants out before the water reaches your home, that doesn’t always happen, leaving you with gross, brown water.

Plumber Melbourne Fl


When rain comes in contact with any chemicals in the air or on the ground, that water can flow back into rivers and lakes that supply your home’s water. The resulting pollution can leave you with brown water that is unsuitable to drink or use.

Plumber Melbourne Fl

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