How to Lower Water Bills & Save Water

There are simple ways you can save water and ultimately save money on your monthly water bill.  Think you are doing the right things and have a high water bill?  Call us, you may have a water leak you do not see causing a high bill and possible damage to your home.  Want to learn how to lower water bills?  Read on!

How to Lower Water Bills

As a homeowner, there are a lot of things to worry about around the house, and one of them is monthly bills adding up.  The American Dream is to own a home, but often times people do not discuss how much that actually costs after your mortgage is paid.  Every dollar counts as unexpected repairs and other expenses can pop up from time to time.

Many homeowners do no realize that there are ways to save money on bills.  Some cost money up front.  For example, investing in energy efficient appliances can save you hundreds every year on you electric bill.  As plumbers we meet clients who always are wondering why their water bill is really high.  This can be an indication of larger problems.

High Water Bills Can Equal Problems

First and foremost, if you feel your water bill is high (especially if it jumps up suddenly) you need to call a plumber right away.  A high water bill can be an indication of a leak.  Don’t see water?  It’s still very possible that there is a leak that is in a wall or the foundation.  This can happen for any reasons.  For example, a tree root can push up on your foundation and cause a pipe to crack.  You could be leaking water directly into the ground, and never see a single drop.

Worse yet, there may be a leak that is causing significant structural damage that is more apparent.  If you live in a home part of the year, like many people on the Space Coast do, it’s important to monitor your water bill.  If you are not in this residence for half of a year at a time and don’t have a dedicated property manager, it’s entirely possible to walk into a disaster next time you are in town.  A high water bill may be an indication from afar that there is an issue to check out.

How to Lower Water Bills

Simple Ways to Save Water

Generally we find when people are talking about a high water bill, there isn’t some massive hidden issue in their home.  What we do find however, is that the family does not do a great job thinking about or conserving water.  This in turn leads to high bills each month, and wastes a really precious resource many people in other countries do no have access to.  As homeowners we have the responsibility to conserve water as much as possible, not just to lower bills, but because it is the right thing to do.  Luckily this is very simple to do!

Reducing Water Consumption

Many people are unaware of how wasteful they are when they use water. The first consideration when you want to learn how to lower water bills is to stop unnecessary water usage. To do this you can eep your shower shorter, only wash dishes and laundry when the loads are full, and change settings on appliances to conserver water.  Keeping an eye on you water bill also helps you know your consumption pattern. It’s possible that certain people in the house, for example a child home from college during breaks, can have a major impact on what you bill looks like during these time periods.

How to Lower Water Bills - Reduce Water Waste

There is a big difference between water consumption and water waste.  As we noted above, water consumption is the use of water during normal activities such as showering.  Water waste however, is water that is simply wasted because someone is not considering what is occurring.  For example, when you brush your teeth, do not leave the water running for the duration of time you are brushing.  There is no practical use for that water, and is pure waste down the drains.

Other practices like leaving the shower on while shaving, not shutting off garden hoses, and, and even drips from faucets and toilets contribute to this waste.  In the case of dripping toilets or faucets, a plumber can help you remedy these issues if you feel you do not have the ability to do so yourself.  They are quick, less expensive fixes that can save you money long term.

Recycling Water When Possible

We’re not asking you to use the same water over and over again, but it is possible to be creative and pour as little water down the drain as possible.  For example, if you are boiling eggs, you can use that water to water plants in your home.  It sounds simple enough, but think of how much water can be recycled if you change this one behaviour.  Challenge yourself to find other ways you can recycle water in your home.

How to Lower Water Bills - Call Shaw Plumbing

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