Bathroom Remodeling: Plumbing

When beginning any bathroom remodeling project, one of the first considerations must be plumbing.
Without the proper plan laid out for your plumbing, a bathroom remodel can quickly turn into a disaster.
Bathroom Remodel

Regardless of whether you have a simple small bathroom or a master en suite, functionality has be at the center of your bathroom remodeling plans. 

When the planning process begins, one of the most commonly overlooked items is the actual plumbing.  Plumbing is of course crucial to any bathroom (or any room for that matter) to function as it should.  

We find often time homeowners glance right over the plumbing because it is not top of mind.  It’s not fun to plan the route of pipes when compared to picking out a new vanity or tile.  When the homeowner has taken the time to think about how to reroute the pipes, we generally see issues with it because they lack expertise.  Even if you plan to complete a bathroom remodel yourself, it is crucial to have a licensed plumber verify your plan to ensure it will work.

Bathroom Remodeling Plumbing Considerations

Pipe and Drain Size

Residential plumbing generally uses 1½-inch pipes for drains. You would be surprised how much debris, hair, and other items goes down a drain. Typically, the larger the drain, the less likely it is to clog over time. Upgrading to a 2″ pipe is a very low cost consideration as long as your framing will allow for proper fitment.  This simple upgrade will help your water drain better for years to come.

Specific Fixtures Can Increase Resale Value

When we talk to a new customer who may have already started planning their remodel, we find not a lot of consideration has gone into the types of fixtures to use.  When someone is on a budget, many times they just choose the least expensive items they feel match their overall desired look.  With a little planning and a little more investment, you can increase the resale value of your home in the future.

  • Floating Sinks are a great way to update the look of a bathroom for the same cost as a vanity.  Because this option does not include wooden cabinets or a countertop that may look dated in a few years, they are a great investment.  Your plumber can help you determine if you should hide the piping in the walls, or leave them exposed for a more industrial look.
  • Freestanding Tubs can add a very modern look to any bathroom.  To make sure they look great for years to come, avoid options with feet.  Instead, opt for a choice that sits flat on the ground.  
  • Rainfall Showers are a great addition to any bathroom because of their clean look and excellent performance.  This type of shower is built directly into the ceiling and needs less water pressure to be effective which is great for your water bill.
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Unforeseen Issues and Follow Up Service

Do you know how to shut off your main water valve?  What to do if a pipe bursts?  The right type of piping to use, or how to weld it if needed?  For these, and couples other reasons it’s important to have a trained, licensed, and insured professional complete your plumbing during your bathroom remodeling project.  If you’ve ever done any kind of a project, whether working on a car, painting a room, or even helping with a child’s science fair project, you know unforeseen issues almost always arise.  The difference is, issues with your plumbing can cost you thousands of dollars now or in the future.

When using a licensed and insured company, most of the reputable plumbers offer guarantees on their work.  This works out well for the homeowner because if something does go wrong in the future due to improper standards, the damages and repairs will be covered.  If you do the work yourself and there are issues in the future, you will be responsible for all of the damages and repairs.  By hiring a trained professional from the start, you will save yourself a lot of time and money in the long run should something go wrong.

How Shaw Plumbing Can Help

We have over 30 years of experience on the Space Coast. We can handle bathroom remodels of any size, and would love the opportunity to quote your project. Our pricing is the best in the area, so you may be shocked as to how affordable it really is to get the bathroom of your dreams.

Our next blog will address a new aspect of bathroom remodeling, stay tuned!

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