Bathroom Remodel
Part Two

When it does comes to a bathroom remodel, you really should consider hiring a professional.  Read on to see exactly why and how you will benefit. 

Bathroom Remodel - What to Consider Part One

In one of our earlier blogs, which you can read here, we discussed the ins and outs of what you should consider when thinking about remodeling your bathroom.  Everything from pipe to drain size, fixtures to unforeseen issues, we covered it.  In this article, we will discuss the reasons to work with a professional.  Although on the surface it may seem a little more expensive, it will save you money, time, and future headaches in the future.

It’ll take a lot less time than doing it yourself.

A bathroom remodel is involved and generally complicated work. You have a full time job, a family to take care of, and other various responsibilities. Realistically there is little time in a week for you to work on this massive project. The longer this project takes, the longer you will go without a functional bathroom.  

If you hire a professional to complete your bathroom remodel, it will be done much much faster. A professional can work full days through the week compared to the hours (if you are lucky) you can put in on a daily basis.  A professional plumber can finish what would take you weeks in a matter of days.  The other advantage of working with a  professional plumber is you will have a project deadline they will hit.  This way you will know exactly when your bathroom will be back up and running.

Bathroom Remodel

A Professional Bathroom Remodel Gives You More Design Options

In addition to more technical and practical expertise, a professional plumber can help you with design. They know the ins and outs of what looks good together. They can give you insight into what brands to use based on their experience. This knowledge is built up over year and years of actually working with the products in the field – some thing internet research can never replace.

Because professional plumbers have relationships with suppliers, they may in fact save you money. Yes, you have to pay for the labor to ensure your job is completed by a professional. However, often times the fixtures and other materials needed for the job can be procured much less expensively by a plumber. Although the savings likely will not completely offset the cost of working with a plumber, it certainly helps.

A Professional can Help Determine What Upgrades you Need

When you are remodeling your bathroom, there are a lot of considerations.  Often times, not every fixture needs to be replaced or upgraded.  A professional can help you assess your bathroom and the existing components, and help you make the right choices on what needs to be replaced, and what doesn’t.  This can save you money on material and fixture cost, but also on the project itself.  

Insurance and Warranty

If you remodel your own bathroom, you will not be covered for any accidents or damage you cause while completing the project.  Given the complexity of the work, this could end up costing you thousands of dollars if you make even a simple mistake.  When you work with a licensed and insured plumber, not only will you be safe, but your home will be as well.

Additionally, many companies offers a warranty on their work. this gives you piece of mind knowing that if there is an issue in the future, you can have it resolved quickly. The materials manufacturer also would be more likely to honor a product warranty should something go wrong if you can show a licensed installer completed the work.

Bathroom Remodel

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